The Story of X-Stand

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Wait what?

I mean, I've always preached the power of organic social and community building, but this was beyond my wildest dreams!

I first purchased my standing desk back in 2017, inspired by Erik Fisher. Erik was my boss at the time when I was doing contract community management for Social Media Examiner, and he brought his to Social Media Marketing World. It was the coolest standing desk I'd ever seen, and I needed one immediately. When I got home from the conference, I ordered one.

Sure, having a mobile standing desk was great for keeping up healthy habits. I took it everywhere (and still do.) I took it everywhere... and I always posted about it, making it a point to tag X-Stand on Instagram.

In the meantime, I had also launched a weekly Facebook Live show on behalf of my marketing agency, Backspace Media, and I was airing every Friday afternoon from Hopping Gnome Brewing Company, right here in Wichita, KS. I had noticed that by using my X-Stand and laptop to boost my tripod gave the show a really attractive angle.

When my social media marketing clients asked me to come out and broadcast live for them, many times I had my X-Stand right there along with me. And I always posted and tagged.

I traveled with my X-Stand. And I continued to post and tag.

I used my X-Stand at events that I was speaking at. And I always posted and tagged X-Stand.

I started using it during our Making A Marketer podcast recordings. Posted, tagged.

I used it to work remotely at coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. Posted... tagged.

For four years, I did this. I did this because I love giving small companies a platform. I did this because I loved how the X-Stand looked on my Instagram grid. I did this because standing while you work is fun and keeps me motivated.

One morning in June 2020, the original owners of X-Stand reached out and asked if I'd be willing to take over the company. They were no longer interested in sustaining the business as they wanted to focus more on family. They said they couldn't imagine a more qualified or passionate person to take over.

I said yes, after asking Timothy Larsen to take it on with me. We went thru all of the trademark work, acquisition of assets, sourcing product and local places who could cut bamboo for us (we wanted to make sure that we could say these were indeed "made in Wichita,") and we ordered hardware.

Tim is taking over a lot of the ordering, assembly, and all of the marketing photography. As for me, I'm in charge of all things social media and marketing.

All of this because I genuinely loved a product so much that I constantly posted about it on Instagram.

For years, the X-Stand was like an extra appendage for me. Now it's something that I live and breathe.

We're re-launching the brand this week, with a slightly smaller, backpack-friendly product.

Not the end. Follow X-Stand to follow along with our amazing story! Join the story by supporting small business and ordering one for yourself, your family, your friends, your kids. If there were ever a time when everyone could use a mobile standing desk, that time is now! #workfromeverywhere

This portable standing desk even allows you to work outside!
Work From Anywhere

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