Community is Key: A Wichita Meet Up!

After being strongly encouraged to stay home and work remotely over the past year, so many of us are just itching to get out and about for networking and community fellowship. While the last year has been transitional and successful for the X-Stand brand, there has been a hole in our "work from everywhere" lifestyle. Sure, working from home has a tendency to keep us more productive, but it's caused relationships to fade and our connection to our community hasn't been as deep as we'd have hoped.

So, knowing that we have several X-Stand users right here in our own hometown, we thought it might be fun to plan a meetup! And it wasn't just ANY meetup... this meetup was packed with value for our community, as well as for Tim and me.

Getting outside in the middle of downtown Wichita, surrounded by the whirs and liveliness of the city, we sat down for an hour and truly connected with these wonderful ladies. Tim shot lifestyle and personal branding photos , while I dove deep into finding out what each person loved the most about their stand, unique ways that they use them, and what they'd like to see from our brand in the future.

As a digital marketer myself, I know that people really appreciate brands who want to deepen their connectedness to their users and fans. What better way to do this than create an experience for all to share? It was wonderful to hear the feedback about our product from the very people who are using the X-Stand in their everyday lives! We learned so much from them, and we came away from the experience with renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

We're really looking forward to the world opening back up again so that we can connect with so many of our X-Standers across the nation. The more we learn about you, the more we can highlight and support each and every one of you.

A question for you!

One thing that we're REALLY enjoying is seeing and hearing about the unique ways that our community is using our product. Have you discovered a unique way to use your X-Stand? We'd love to see photos or to hear about it! DM us here, or on any of our social media channels to share your awesomeness with us.

Thanks for reading, and wishing you a perpetually productive week! -Jen

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